Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Munich show, November 09

The Munich-leg of the cavalcade is now underway:
An adaptation of the successful EAF show will be presented in Munich's AkademieGalerie from November 13th-27th (Preview Thursday the 12th).
JaAliceKlarr are delighted to be presenting this selection of Scotland's finest emerging talent for the first time in Germany (where the collective has its origins,back in January 2009) and are extremely pleased to welcome the work of Sandy Christie and Stuart Murray to the proceedings.

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  1. November 2009:
    Self-made Cavalcade Neue Kunst aus Schottland at AkademieGalerie, Munich.

    A group show comprising of work by emerging artists from Glasgow and Edinburgh.
    Curated by JaAliceKlarr (Kate Andrews & Louise Briggs) the show examines artists’ networks in the wider social scene including their own work as writer/curators. This sharing of artistic identities aims to demonstrate the strong social heritage for collaboration in these cities.

    The selected artists combine music, performance, video, sound, sculptural props and drawing in an inter-textual and interactive format. The work plays with the concept of what it is to be an artist, through variously theatrical and satirical methods, calling into question any single defining practise in the artist’s armoury of skills.

    Featuring the work of:
    Pio Abad (Glasgow), Sandy Christie (Edinburgh, Darren Farquhar (Edinburgh), Amy Marletta (Glasgow), Stuart Murray (Glasgow), Christian Newby (Glasgow), Petra Pennington (Edinburgh) & Johannes Sailer (Edinburgh)