Wednesday, 25 August 2010

SHELFLIFE: more info

The principal works around which the show is centered are:

-Katharina Gaenssler Merzbaubuch - a three-volume photographic bookwork exploring the multi-faceted space of Kurt Schwitters' Merzbau in Hannover from the three photographic perspectives (of the surviving documentation of the original) from which its recreation in the early 1980s was made possible.

-John Stezaker for MONO - a visual essay by the seminal collage artist for the third volume of this free quarterly paper

-JaAliceKlarr Publication – extracts from a bookwork in progress by the curators which attempts to explore the format of their first two exhibitions by transgressing the create/curate divide in print

-Ryan Siegan-Smith I don't want to make a book- a short animation discussing the didactic impetus for artists working in book format

-Alex Gross OTTO- a site-specific sculptural work in response to the exhibition, inspired by a short story by Russian author Vladimir Nabokov

-Gregor Sailer Subraum- A publication of a photographic body of work, focussed on the architecture and functionality of the contemporary underground space in Germany's Ruhrgebiet. The project seeks to expose locations which would not normally be accessible to the general public

-Lucy Roscoe- TheBookshelf – A hand-crafted artists' book by the Edinburgh- based illustrator

Also featured:

-A selection of artists' books and books by artists from the ECA library collection and archive featuring the work of Fischli and Weiss, Edinburgh's Morning Star Press, Joseph Kosuth, Jeremy Deller, Alec Finlay, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Gilbert and George and many more

-A show-reel of 'video-Bookworks' will accompany the exhibition as a means to further disseminate the autonomy of the Book as a carrier of knowledge. This includes a UK premiere of the award-winning Camera Obscura film IN-TIMER by Gregor Sailer and Jörg Jäger (screening 26th August)

-A specially-created artists' book by local artists, made with the co-operation of Owl and Lion Gallery. This new work will be launched on the 26th August.

-A showcase of the entire series of Running Amok Zine, published by Analogue books.

-A showcase by Mono, will include its third issue, which will be available freely throughout the Art Festival. Issue 3 of the free quarterly paper dedicated to publishing image based essays is compiled by seminal collage artist John Stezaker.

-A 'petting-Zoo' will operate on a weekly basis where all featured works will be available to handle and read individually

-A reading and interpretation section will feature further bookworks which relate to and expand-upon the principal ideas disseminated within the main featured works- these will be openly accessible at all times during the run of the exhibition

The project is initiated and curated by Kate Andrews under the collaborative identity of JaAliceKlarr projects in order to explore cross-disciplinarity stemming from creative interest in art-making, writing and a wish to extend this into the realm of 'creative curating'. Though JaAliceKlarr is the collaborative partnership between Kate Andrews and Louise Briggs- Briggs has not been involved in the production of this exhibition.


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